March 7th Cape Town, South Africa @Trenchtown
March 6th Cape Town, South Africa @ Evol
March 4th Port Elizabeth, South Africa @ Pool City
March 2nd Durban, South Africa @ The Winston Pub
March 1st Melville, South Africa @ Smoking Kills
February 29th Pretoria, South Africa @ Grind Bar

February 28th Johannesburg, South Africa @ Zoo Lake Bowls Club


August 3rd Nehalem, OR @ Electric Fences Festival
August 2nd Astoria, OR @ Labor Temple
1st Portland, OR @ Kenton Club

March 13th Hanoi, Vietnam @ Hanoi Rock City
March 13th Hanoi, Vietnam @ Solist Pub
​March 11th Batu Pahat, Malaysia @ The Wall
March 10th Malacca, Malaysia @ The Key
March 9th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ Rumah Api
March 8th Phnom Penh, Cambodia @ Oscars
March 6th Saigon, Vietnam @ Lela Bar
March 3rd Saigon, Vietnam @ Soma Art Lounge 
March 2nd Bangkok, Thailand @ The Overstay
February 28th Chiang Mai, Thailand @ Mohawk Bar
February 27th Hanoi, Vietnam @ Docker Natura Pub


May 6th Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Salas Tifón
May 5th Buenos Aires, Argentina @ La Cultura Del Barrio
May 4th Cippoletti (Rio Negro) Argentina @ El Anden
May 3rd Neuquen, Argentina @ Mariano Ferreyra Cultural Ctr.
​May 2nd Bariloche, Argentina @ Inter Pub
April 29th Comodoro, Argentina @ El Sotano
April 28th Piedrabuena, Argentina @ El Castino Pub
April 27th Rio Gallegos, Argentina @ Pueblo Chico
April 26th El Calafate, Argentina @ La Loika

February 11th Jersey City, NJ @ Pet Shop
February 10th Brooklyn, NY @ Bushwick Public House
February 9th NYC, NY @ Ottos Shrunken Head
February 8th Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy


November 4th Tokyo, Kichijoji, Japan @ Gok Sound
November 3rd  Tokyo, Kichijoji, Japan @ Ichibee
November 1st Tokyo, Shinjuku, Japan @ Antiknock
October 31st Osaka, Japan @ Hard Rain
October 30th Nara, Japan @ Neverland
October 29th Gifu, Japan @ King Biscuit
October 28th Kobe, Japan @ Heullva Lounge
October 27th Kyoto, Japan @ Nano

August 5th Nehalem, Oregon @ Electric Fences Festival
​August 4th Portland, Oregon @ Pop Tavern

May 13th Los Angeles, Chile @ Lo Que Nos Queda
May 12th Puerto Mont, Chile​ @ La vagón de la costanera 
May 11th Osorno, Chile @ Bar Trobar
May 7th Temuco, Chile​ @ Bar Anplak
May 6th Concepcion, Chile @ Balmaceda Arte Joven
May 5th Los Angeles, Chile @ Dejavu Restobar
May 3rd Concepcion, Chile @ Casa de Salud
April 30th Concepcion, Chile @ Radio Lorenzo Arenas
April 29th San Antonio, Chile @ Casa La Tijereta
April 28th Valparaiso, Chile @ Lacachas Grandes
​April 27th Valparaiso, Chile @ Capital Porteña
Aril 27th Valparaiso, Chile @ Sala Rubén Darío
April 26th Santiago, Chile​ @ Bar de Rene

​March 5th   Austin, Texas  @ Beerland